ILARA Online is the virtual branch of the Institut des Langues Rares (ILARA) of Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (PSL, Paris). It explores languages ​​that are little described, little studied, little spoken, or which have disappeared, through a series of conferences, roundtables, interviews and other audio-visual formats broadcast on our YouTube channel.

These series are:

  • "ILARA Invitations": recognized international specialists are invited to share their knowledge and experience in the field of lesser-known languages

  • "ILARA for Researchers": original videoconferences on lesser-known languages, submitted by researchers, are selected by a scientific committee and published online

  • "The Speakers of ILARA": filmed creations, interviews or original reports, produced by or with speakers of those lesser-known languages, put these speakers in the limelight

  • "The Cultures of ILARA": this series has a more anthropological, ethnological, ethnographic, historical, archeological and sociological orientation, and selects original proposals (documentaries, interviews, reports ...) produced by specialists of those fields

  • "ILARA for Kids": this series presents fun, educational and instructive content in lesser-known languages, intended for children, parents and educational staff: video games, traditional tales and riddles, cooking recipes, films and cartoons, reports, etc., in lesser-known languages ​​around the world.

  • "ILARA Introductions": this series presents talks or series of talks introducing rare and precious languages and their cultures.

ILARA ONLINE features freely accessible videos. ILARA itself proposes a series of courses and training sessions in situ in Paris, which you can discover on our website.

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